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Gift & Loyalty Cards


Rewarding loyal customers and creating new ones should be top priorities for all businesses, and gift card programs can help pave the way to meeting these goals by driving profits and improving cash flow. Prepaid cards are among the many card-based payment options

IMG offers its customers.

Gift card programs offer many benefits. Besides building customer loyalty, they generate revenue, increase traffic and provide a low-cost marketing edge that allows small businesses to compete with larger retailers.


COCARD-IMG'S gift card and loyalty programs replace the paper gift certificates and punch cards of the past with plastic cards that are specifically sought out and readily accepted by consumers, and offer an improved professional image and better tracking abilities for merchants. Cards are easily activated by merchants at their point-of-sale (POS) terminals, and they’re reloadable and reusable. Merchant reporting occurs automatically through the POS terminals with the added feature of real-time online transaction and terminal account reporting. Add loyalty to your gift card program to track the buying behavior of your customers, converting sales to points to incentivize repeat purchases in your retail locations.

Prepaid Cards

Are network branded (Visa® and MasterCard®) or branded with cellular providers, reloadable and can be used at multiple merchant locations. In addition to purchasing goods, consumers typically use these cards for withdrawing cash at ATMs and other bank-related activities. Popular with consumers, open loop prepaid cards complement the payment cards already in customers’ wallets or can be used as a readily-accessible and safe alternative to carrying cash.


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