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COCARD-IMG offers a variety of check products. While the number of checks accepted is declining, the amount of bad paper is still increasing.  Let COCARD-IMG show you how to reduce the losses from bad checks.

Maximize Sales & Reduce Risk with Standard Check Guarantee.


A check guarantee service can be a simple and economical way to increase revenue at your place of business. With a guarantee service in place, checks are approved at the point of sale in seconds via terminal, phone or Internet before being deposited at the bank. If an approved check is returned from the bank unpaid, it can be submitted to COCARD’s check program for processing and reimbursement.*

Reduce Check Payment Risk with Check Verification

Check verification service provides authorization information to reduce the likelihood of returned checks and takes the worry out of accepting checks at the point of sale.* With check verification, authorization and recommendation occurs in seconds via phone, terminal or Internet.

Check verification can ultimately grow your sales and revenue because you broaden your customer base to include customers who prefer to write checks as payment.

Deposit Checks Efficiently with Electronic Check Processing

Our Electronic Check Processing programs automate check authorization and deposit for a business, eliminating trips to the bank. With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed, uploaded and deposited into the merchant’s account.


* Remote Deposit Capture, back-office conversion, check processing with recovery services, auto industry-specific programs and guarantee features are all available. It’s easy to get started.

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